Explaining the logo of RAS

Explaining the logo of RAS

The logo reflects the fundamentals of the program on which it is based, and its aspiration for progress.

  • It contains the abbreviations of the name of the program (RAS) where letters are increasing in size to represent growth of the program in years to come.

  • The lower part of the logo represents the large knowledge of a senior scientist that is shrinking as it comes close to retirement date. However, exactly at retirement, it starts to grow again, increasing in size and eventually blooming. This growth is entangled with the letters of RAS to show the relation between this program and the growth of knowledge it creates.

  • The colors of the letters are the identical colors of the original parent institute (Bashan Institute of Science, BIS, dark blue, white and light blue) where this program is located. The green colour represents environmental scientific research, which is the core mission of the Institute. Gradual change from darker green to lighter green represent the transition of knowledge of senior scientist from already established knowledge to creation of new knowledge. The change in colors in the name of the program, at the bottom, represents the integration of established and new knowledge created by the scientists.

Idea and general layout: Yoav Bashan
Graphic design: Juan-Pablo Hernandez