RAS Program

RAS Program

Retired Active Scientists

RAS-logo1What is RAS?

RAS is a scientific program for senior scientists of the The Bashan Foundation. Its main objective is to give retired scientists of the Bashan Foundation the opportunity to stay active and creative. The program is financed by grants directly obtained by these scientists and will be carried out at BIS by the personnel hired by these projects.

Reasons for creation of RAS

With time, several members of The Bashan Foundation reached retirement age or in some countries are required to retire. The accumulated knowledge of these retirees, as scientists, is incredible. Several of them are not yet ready to hang their lab coat and go fishing or playing with their grandchildren. Some will never retire. Specifically for these scientists the RAS was created.

 Explaining the logo of RAS

RAS can serve as the research facility for these scientists. It provides free laboratory space and access to professional scientific manpower in an academic, liberal environment, located in a rural surrounding. This also creates an opportunity to continue to create without the structural limitation of a university or a public research institute. It helps these individuals a practical platform to create more knowledge, as long as they wish.


RAS will be recognized as a dynamic program, creating opportunity for senior scientists to stay creative and active. It has a flexible structure that provides the scientific world, in a fluid and effective way, new knowledge for years to come by working mainly with retired scientists and post-doctoral fellows, and also with senior high school students from the BOUKS program and volunteers.


Promote the philosophy that older scientists with significant experience can continue to contribute to society beyond retirement age.

Operational issues of the program

Senior scientists who are members of the Bashan Foundation and retired or are close to retirement will create an active research program/project on the topic of their interest. The BIS provides free, modern laboratory space and all the basic laboratory equipment needed. The administrative necessities (accountants, attorneys, payroll, purchasing) are out-sourced by each project as done for all projects of BIS. Each project covers its own operational expenses, hires a post-doc (s) for its day-to-day operation and purchases its specialized equipment. Although no rent is charged, each project shares proportionally the common overhead expenses of BIS that, in principle, is kept very reasonable to allow more funding for science. Once the project is completed, all its remaining equipment and supplies are kept at BIS for the benefit of future projects of the same scientist or BIS’ other projects.

The senior scientists are in regular communication with their postdocs and other members of the team and are encouraged to participate in the weekly and special academic seminars at BIS via HD communication systems. They are welcome to stay at BIS personally to work on their own projects. It is expected that an appropriate academic credit for BIS is given once a project creates academic publications or intellectual property.

Scientist associated to RAS program

Presentation in scientific conferences by members of RAS