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Photo Gallery

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April 2018

Planting for eternity. Prof Yoav Bashan and Mr. Justin McCormick, the gardener of BIS, are planting long lasting trees, the Southern Live Oak, the iconic gigantic oak tree of southern USA that lives for several hundreds of years and olive trees with known life span of over 2000 years. Both trees are at the same age of BIS and symbolize the hope that BIS will last as long as they do.

Early spring 2018

Once the cold disappeared in early April 2018, the lawns of BIS were filled with dense carpet of wild flowers as in an alpine meadow.
They last for few weeks until the lawn mower cut them short.

Winter 2017

Snow is very rare in eastern Alabama. The first snow ever caught BIS by surprise and before the local small roads get frozen, there was a need to close the building and leave home.
Next day the trees and the grounds looked as if we are in Canada. Perhaps we will have to wait many years more for the same show of nature.

Summer 2017

The BIS is in full blooming.
A sign with lights was constructed.

May 2017

The many lantana plants we have attracted butterflies throughout the growing season of the plants with different species visiting every period. We have more butterflies than commercial butterfly exhibits in botanical gardens.

April 2017

The final version of the conference rooms, big and small.
and the offices. All now in full operation.

March 2017

All the rooms of BIS are marked with symbols and not by written signs. For example the kitchen is marked by a bunch of ceramic peppers, the bathrooms with unmistakable signs.
The rest are the Post-doc hub, the conference room, the laboratories and the business office.

Winter 2016 – 2017

All the future gardens of BIS were converted to a rye field to prevent soil erosion and the invasive plant Kudzu, the nightmare of southern USA, was shredded to pieces by a shredder to suppress its growth next spring.

The Forest before conservation

Stream with water giving niche for riparian community.
Ferns, fungi, bryophytes, annual and perennial herbs are another example of diversity in this area.

The first building on Bashan Institute of Science is ready for operation, October 2016.

Left: Office wing. Center: Main entrance. Right: Laboratory wing.
Left: Main conference room. Center: Mini conference room. Right: Main patio before planting of a garden.

August 2016.

Left: Skylights above the main patio. Right: The initial gardens of BIS after planting in front of the laboratory wing.
Left: General view of the office wing and the front entrance finished. Right: General view of the laboratory wing finished. Ago, 2016.

July 2016.

Left: The finished main laboratory, view towards the molecular laboratory (behind the windows), on the right side, sterile room. Right: The finished main laboratory, view towards the bioreactors and heavy equipment laboratories. July 1, 2016.

June 2016.

Left and Right: The completed parking lot. June 21, 2016.
The outdoor offices under final painting. June 21, 2016.
Left: The main laboratory under final painting; view from the molecular laboratory. Right: The office wing under final painting. June 1, 2016.
Left: The final parking lot before pavement with a single car (out of maximum 17 that will park there). Right: The main patio of BIS before pavement and gardening, on its right is Laboratory wing,  on its left is Office wing. June 1, 2016.

May 2016

General view of the laboratory wing and its decorative porch. May 1, 2016.
May 1 website-4 May 3 website-4
General view of the office wing and the open discussion offices on the northern terrace. May 1, 2016.

April 2016

May 5 website-4 May 6 website-4
Left: The main laboratory, view from the molecular laboratory. Laminar flow hoods room. Bioreactors laboratory and sterilizers rooms (far, unpainted).  Right: View of the main laboratory and the molecular laboratory at the far end. April 2016.
Left: General view of office wing and the front entrance. Right: Skylights of the main patio. April 2016.

March 2016

March 20.2016-2-4
Left: General view of the office wing and the front entrance after completion of the roof with its skylight. Right: General view of the laboratory wing with a complete roof. March 2016.
March 20.2016-3-4 ..
Left: Skylights of the main patio were designed to provide sufficient daylight to the interior of the building. Right: The main patio of BIS which will be an internal garden. The main lab is seen on the left (before closing of internal walls). March 2016.

February 2016

Office wing small-4 General Lab small-4 lab wing small-4
Left: General view of office wing and the front entrance. Center: General view of the general laboratory. Sterile room on the right. Molecular laboratory at the bottom. Right: General view of the laboratory wing. February 2016.

January 2016

Left: The laboratory wing (view from the street). Right: The offices wing (view from the forest).
Left: The foundations of the Institute. Right: The foundations of the laboratory wing.
Foundation start4 small-4 Foundation start3 small-4
Dr. Luz de-Bashan visiting the final graded location of Bashan Institute of Science and a week after standing at the future entrance of the institute when foundation work started. January 2016.

December 2015

z15.12.2015 041-4 z15.12.2015 039-4
The founders of The Bashan Institute of Science, Drs. Luz and Yoav Bashan, on the grounds of the future campus on the day when construction practically began. December 15, 2015.


Dadeville front lot-1-4 Dadeville future BIS-1-4
Left: West Lafayette St., in Dadeville Alabama. All the forest seen on the right is the future campus of BIS. Right: Dr. Luz de-Bashan is standing on the clearing in the forest where the first building of BIS will be constructed in 2015.
Dadeville Forest autumn 3-4 Dadeville Forest autumn 2-4
The forest purchased for BIS campus before starting construction of the first building in 2015.

10th December 2014

Dr. Luz de-Bashan and Prof. Yoav Bashan signing the incorporation documents of Bashan Institute of Science. Auburn, Alabama.