Our Science

The Bashan Institute of Science explores fundamental and applied science research topics that change from time to time. Our associate scientists freely explore without restrictions any legal idea they pursue. Although environmental scientific research is the core mission of the Institute and is expected to continue to play a major role in present and future development of BIS, as a direct outcome of its philosophy, it envisions that specific research topics or projects will solely depend on the will of the individual scientist and funding. This fundamental policy of freedom and flexibility allows BIS to adapt easily to changes according to the needs of society and funding availability.

The current research topics of BIS are listed separately, but potential future projects are not limited to these topics and can explore any niche. Nonetheless, we hope that most projects are related to environmental problems and environmental technologies.

“Dreamers”. In general, most scientific progress is slowly built by small blocks of knowledge accumulating over time to a potentially meaningful end; sometimes significant leaps forward occurred as a spark of a “dreamed idea”. Our associated scientists, especially graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, are strongly encouraged to dream unconventionally, out-of-the-box ideas, and create scientific concepts that usually cannot be funded by common funding agencies. An internal BIS effort is made to financially support these dreamers with sufficient funds to cover expenses to initially test their dreams. The motto of BIS for “dreamers” is: “If you can clearly dream it, you can probably make it real”.