Code of ethics

Team Work:

Working as a team is a core value and the unique abilities of each individual are the strength of the team. Credit for success is always given to the members of the team. Every member of the team always supports publically a specific goal once it is agreed upon by the members of the team, yet, the team only makes agreements that the team can hold. Criticism is always constructive and supportive. A team member is never abandoned, yet, breaking an agreement or rule should be immediately discussed.

Common ground:

  • At BIS, the general codes of ethics of science are never bent, twisted, or broken. BIS never breaks or twists the laws of the lands where it operates.
  • At BIS, the mission comes first, then, comes the needs of the team, the needs of the individuals, and finally the needs of a specific project.
  • Loyalty to BIS by the team members is paramount.
  • Liberal environment, sharing information and open discussions are predominant.
  • As BIS always progresses and develops, a winner attitude is a high asset.
  • Intellectual property (IP) created at BIS or by its funding is the property of BIS and shared with the team that developed it.
  • At BIS all are equal. No discrimation of any kind is tolerated.
  • BIS is firearm-free educational institute.


Personal responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for a failure is taken by the individual. Shift the blame to a colleague or providing excuses is unethical.
  • Be resourceful—find a solution before you shift the problem to someone else; be efficient—make more with less.
  • Personal development is always encouraged. Professional behavior at all times is expected from all members of the team.
  • Working problems are discussed face to face. Different opinions and disagreements strengthen the team.
  • Privacy is always maintained but privacy issues do not interfere with the mission or other members of the team.



  • At BIS, novel research is highly encouraged and unconventional scientific ideas and solutions are always welcome.
  • Integrity and honesty in the interpretation of data and preparation of scientific articles are the basis and outcome of every scientific investigation.
  • Experimental designs must be discussed with all people involved in a project (colleagues, students, and technicians), openly analyzing advantages and disadvantages of each proposal.
  • At BIS, researcher must avoid engaging in proposals for scientific research and transfer of technology in areas far outside his/her specialty.
  • Training of students must be done based on sharing knowledge, seeking open discussions, driving the students to reach the highest limits of science, where no person has gone before.



  • At BIS, The student must act with integrity, honesty, and fairness in strict compliance with legal standards and ethics of his/hers profession and the scientific and ethical standards of BIS.
  • The student will maintain respectful and peaceful relationship with colleagues, supervisors, and other professionals.
  • The student will respect the ideas of other colleagues or researchers.
  • The student will respect the property of BIS (physical and intellectual) and the properties of other individuals at BIS.