BOUKS Program

BOUKS Program


Bring OUr Kids to Science

logo-BOUKS-1What is BOUKS?

BOUKS is a scientific youth program of the BIS. Its main objective is to reinforce the teaching of science, especially environmental science, at the high school level in rural Alabama. This involves practical activities, such as workshops and internship programs. The program will be financed by grants assigned to that purpose and will be carried out by the personnel of BIS.


BOUKS will be recognized as a dynamic program, creating awareness in young students towards science, with a flexible structure that provides society, in a fluid and effective way, knowledge and interesting science and technology by working mainly with high school students.

 Understanding the logo of BOUKS


Awaken interest in environmental science and environmental technologies in young people and promote scientific cultural values in the society in eastern Alabama through integration and dissemination of scientific information through workshops, seminars, courses, and internship programs. This will support a community aware of advances in science and an inquisitive and proactive attitudes to natural phenomena and the world around them.


Seminars and lectures. These will focus on environmental issues relevant to 21st century society in the US, and specifically in eastern Alabama.

Workshops. Theoretical and practical. These involve hands-on experiments and classroom demonstrations.

Internship programs for senior high school students.This targets senior students interested in continuing their education at a university. It involves work and training for short to medium periods with scientists in real projects developed by BIS. The goal of the program is to enhance the competitiveness of senior students for colleges nationwide and convince them that science is a honorable profession in the USA.

Cooperating high schools

Dadeville High School, Dadeville, Alabama (Since November 10, 2015)