Sketch Yoav Bashan

Prof. Yoav Bashan


Yoav smaller 2014Prof. Yoav Bashan is the President of The Bashan Foundation, an international research institute devoted to global diffusion of science. He is also the President of The Bashan Institute of Science, a newly formed environmental research institute in Alabama. Prof. Bashan is affiliated, as a full professor, with Auburn University with the Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology.

He is also the Group leader of Environmental Microbiology at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research (CIBNOR) in Mexico, starting in 1997. He received a doctoral degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has the rank of “Distinguished Professor of Environmental Microbiology” and “National Researcher by Merit” from the federal government of Mexico.

Prof. Bashan’s main field of research for the last three decades concerns interactions among plant growth-promoting bacteria and plants in agricultural and environmental settings, including restoration of degraded soils and water. He has restored wetlands in Mexico to their original status and demonstrated methods of restoring eroded lands in field trials.

As of January 2018, Prof. Bashan published 374 scientific works, of which 223 were published in peer-review journals with an impact factor (average impact factor of the last 10 years 3.305) and the rest are chapters in books and popular scientific publications. In addition, he published 28 websites. Prof Bashan serves as an editor and editorial board member for 17 scientific journals in seven countries, and prepares reviews for 264 scientific journals in 44 countries and 28 funding agencies in 16 countries. In 2016 he ranked by the European Union monitoring program as scientist #1 in all Life Sciences in Mexico. The standard international indicators of scientific productivity of Prof. Bashan are: over 20,100 citations of his publications; H-index: 74; and i-index: 204.