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Prof. Luz E. de-Bashan


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Prof. Luz E. de-Bashan is the Vice-President of The Bashan Foundation and the vice-President of The Bashan Institute of Science. Prof. de-Bashan is affiliated with the Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University. She is a Full Professor in the research group of Environmental Microbiology at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research (CIBNOR) in Mexico. She obtained her doctoral degree, with distinction, from Laval University, Quebec, Canada. In 2017 she was nominated as “National Researcher of Mexico” at the highest level.

As of January 2018, Prof. de-Bashan has published 118 scientific papers, of which 63 were published in peer-review journals with an impact factor (life-time average impact factor 3.126) and the remaining include a book, chapters in books, and popular scientific publications. She has published 4 websites. Prof. de-Bashan serves on the editorial board of three scientific journals, and prepares reviews for an additional 46 scientific journals in 12 countries and nine funding agencies in four countries. The standard international indicators of scientific quality of Prof. de-Bashan are: over 7800 citations of her publications; H-index: 37; and i-index: 58.