Associate researchers

Scientists associated with the Bashan Institute of Science

Some of our scientists are also operating in other high education organizations. All our associated scientists are authorized to use the facilities at BIS to conduct scientific research projects.

Publications available

Prof. Yoav Bashan, Ph.D.
Prof. Luz Bashan, Ph.D.
Dr. Blanca R. Lopez, D.Sc.
Dr. Oskar A. Palacios, D.Sc.
Dr. Alfonso Medel Narváez, D.Sc.
Dr. Lina María González González, Ph.D.
Juan-Pablo Hernandez, M.Sc.
Dr. Melissa Lopez Vela, D. Sc.
Dr. Paola Magallon Servin, Ph. D.
Dr. Maria Getzabeth Gonzalez Gutierrez, D. Sc.
Dr. Diego F. Correa, Ph.D.